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Live Well


Good health is non-negotiable. Build strength, flexibility and wellness without leaving home.


  • Enjoy our blissful guided meditations
  • Integrate mindfulness into a life that’s instinctively more balanced
  • Lower your stress and learn how to cope better with pressure 
  • Attend interactive workshops on a range of topics you’ll love
  • Connect with people like you and stay motivated & supported

Ask your Wellness Coach:

Small, consistent changes can have a big impact on how you live everyday. Take a holistic approach with Sonia and be guided and supported to live a better life.

Move Well


Greater energy, deeper sleep and the confidence to face the world. A stronger body unlocks so much more. 

  • Choose from our huge range of online classes to match your goals, your body and your mood – at a time that suits you
  • Stay committed and join the Flex Body community in a livestream class – 8 per week to choose from
  • Follow a Personal Program designed help you reach your specific wellbeing goals

Ask your Physio:

Our experts will help you prevent injury and take the best care of your body. You’ll receive personal and practical responses to your specific questions. 

Eat Well

Delicious, healthy eating is the secret to vitality. Fuel your body and mind and you’ll have the stamina to enjoy what matters most.   

  • Begin with  Personal Health Guidance with our qualified nutritionist
  • Follow wholesome, easy recipes the family will love (we promise you won’t spend hours in the kitchen!)
  • Watch interactive webinars with practical and powerful nutrition advice designed for busy people

Ask Your Nutritionist:

Our expert Nutritionist Nereda, will guide you towards delicious meal choices and answer your questions directly. She’ll make the food side simple.

Why you’ll love this

We know it’s hard to do this on your own. The juggle of modern life can be exhausting. It’s easy (and very common) to let your own self-care fall to the foot of your list. 

We also know that life is complicated. Sometimes even the idea of getting organised to attend the studio for a class can feel overwhelming. 

So we’ll meet you where you are. 

We’ve packaged everything you need to live a healthier life, including access to personal advice from our qualified experts. Enjoy our pre-recorded classes any time, or jump on a live stream from our studio. We always upload the videos afterwards, so you’re never missing out.

The way we live and move and eat nurtures and supports our bodies and minds in ways that are life-shaping and life-changing. 

Our health determines everything. It is everything.

If you attend in-studio classes on the Flex Body Transform Membership you receive Online Membership absolutely free!


Explore a wide range of class options to help you find mental and physical balance. Whether it’s a high intensity Heart Starter, a blissful Guided Meditation or a Neck and Shoulder Release to alleviate desk-bound pain, you’ll love the array of choices we offer, all fully accessible from home.


Thanks for the care and joy you bring your Flex community. I’m very grateful for your studio and the community you have nurtured. I know it’s a business but it’s a got a soul…

Flex Body has changed my life in so many positive ways. I’m fitter, healthier and more relaxed since becoming a member.


Since joining Flex Body I have made a marvellous and timely revelation about the care and cultivation of one’s muscles. It’s never too late to learn about this. I love the cheerful, unforced atmosphere, personal attention, weekly improvement and it’s fun! My lower back is now no longer my enemy and my stamina for physical tasks has vastly increased.

Trina A

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